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An Oklahoma oral surgeon’s Infection Control Breach on 3/28/13, has dentists throughout the country scrambling for evidence-based infection control procedures. Informed dental offices that follow the “American Dental Association’s” (ADA) guidelines for “Sterilization and Disinfection of Dental Instruments,” set for by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recognize the need to document their safety procedures.

According to OSAP, the Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention, there is no national mandate requiring dental offices to have a sterilization log indicating the cycle, length, type of load processed, as required by JHACO in hospitals and other institutional settings. However, because record keeping can play a role in risk management, many individual dental offices throughout the country have implemented procedures requiring that sterilizer time(s) and temperature(s) be documented in a dental office’s infection control manual. Moreover,
OSAP affirms that “…although either event- or time-related practices for storage of sterile packages may be used, it is important to understand that the package contents should be marked to indicate the date on which the item was processed.”

The Med-Label sterilization load control labels and label guns satisfy these needs in the hospital marketplace and can become a foundation from which the dentist can establish the highest quality of sterility assurance safety procedures.

Med-Label, Inc. also offers the following label products lines:
– sterilization load control labels
– patient charge labels
– event related labels
– inventory control labels
– expiration labels
– barcoding labels
– piggyback labels
– peel and stick labels
– steam gas and sterrad labels

Med-Label Inc also offers a complete line of tray tracking labels for central sterile supply, dental, food, pharmacy, receiving, clinical lab, emergency room and operating room departments within hospitals.

Med-Label Inc. supports Zebra, Datamax, and Intermec printers with tray tracking labels and ribbons for the following tray tracking systems:
– Abacus
– Aesculap
– Alex Gold
– Cardinal Impress
– Censitrac
– Getinge
– Microsystems
– Readytracker

In addition Med-Label Inc’s new product line of hangtags include steritags and steripockets which provides the most efficient way to label and organize your items and trays in your department.
Med-Label’s customer service, technical support and label gun on site repair center is available for one on one customer support from 8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M.; Monday – Friday. For more information call Med-Label’s toll free phone number 1-800-522-3510 or visit online at WWW.MEDLABEL.COM.