The initial Med-Label product line was sterilization load control labels with the Meto hand held label gun. From the very beginning, Med-Label launched products that were unique and different from the competition. Their sterilization load control labels were wrapped on the outside of the roll which caused their sterilization load control label to adhere better to the package due to the concave paper labels edges bonding more securely. When the “Event Related” sterilization load control process was accepted for the hospital marketplace by “JCAHO”, it was Med-Label that designed a one line custom made Meto label tool with a label layout for the hospital marketplace that became today’s industry standard.

The company believes that their rapid growth in the hospital marketplace is due to a customer service philosophy that requires one on one customer interaction. Company telephones are always answered by knowledgeable customer service representatives who are capable of answering all customer related questions. All customers are periodically called so to guarantee customer satisfaction against company products being purchased. Since the company’s products of hand held label guns and electronic bar-code printers require physical service and technical support, Med-Label has elected to support their customer needs on a direct basis without any multiple level marketing “GPO” services. The company operates an on-site service facility that repairs all label guns within a 24 hour time period. Med- Label offers a lifetime “no charge” label gun service support program for all customers who purchase their label supplies that are used exclusively in the Med-Label label guns. Med-Label is very proud of a fulfillment rate against all orders of 98% within 48 hours.

As one of the original Med-Label founders, Glenn Pizzulo has over 40 years of experience in the pressure sensitive label industry serving the food, textile and medical industries. Employed for 17 years by Meto, the manufacturer of the label gun that the company distributes to their customer base, has allowed unique knowledge to be acquired and used in the development of many of the company products sold in the hospital market place. It is a company belief that Med-Label will continue to thrive and be an industry leader in medical labeling as long as we “give to our valued customer, what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price.”