Overview of Med-Label's Service Offerings

Label Gun Repair:

Med-Label operates an onsite service facility to provide fast and efficient label gun repair for their customers.  Repaired label guns are returned in 24 hours. Customers who exclusively purchase their labels from Med-Label are not charged for the parts or labor to repair their label guns. All customers do pay for the shipping and insurance expense to return their label guns to their facility. An ink roller is considered a consumable item and should it be needed by the service technician to make the label gun operate optimally then there will be an additional charge.  Med-Label reserves the right to fix or replace label guns that need repair. Any label gun that has a broken handle, smashed body or missing print head is deemed to be "maliciously abused" and cannot be repaired. At customers discretion, a maliciously abused label gun can be replaced for a nominal fee. Customers who exclusively purchase their labels from Med-Label and whose label guns show excessive wear and tear will have their label guns, at no charge, upgrade on exchange to “like new” tools. This support is the foundation for the companies “Life Time” Label Gun Warranty Program. Label gun repairs do not require a  MRA  [Material Return Authorization] number. The company does require a valid PO [Purchase Order] to be attached to the repaired label gun so the returned repaired label gun[s] will be properly returned and received by their customers. Please refer to “Label Gun Repair” web-site header for repair location address and additional information.

Label Gun Movies:

Over 50% of all label gun repairs can be done by our customers as the problem is a label jam, ink roller malfunction, or lack of cleaning and adjustment. For Med-Label customers who wish to make their own repairs these two movies will provide the necessary information.

Electronic Printers & Scanner Repair:

Med-Label provides depot repair service support for all electronic printers and scanners that the company sells. These products do require a MRA [Material Return Authorization] number to be issued as the serial numbers of these products need to be tracked and recorded through the repair process. Please call Med-Label so we can issue a MRA number and send the paper work to start the electronic repair process. A quote for the repair will be supplied to the customer for a Purchase Order to be issued before any work is done on the electronic item that needs service.

Support Services

Our courteous, professional and knowledgeable team answer the phone when you call. Please contact us so we may help you with all of your medical labeling needs.

Thank you!